About Insultor LLC

A Company that Owns and Manages the InsultA Group of Websites

Who Are We?

The InsultA Websites are designed and produced in the humorous winking spirit of our graphic mascot Mr. Mocker.

The Insultor company name captures our intent to create web sites that poke fun or creatively comment about politicians, political media, and later on, business, academia, healthcare and government sectors. All need a good dose of wit, satire, and constructive criticism.

Why Our Company Name, Insultor?

We want our site owner/company name, Insultor LLC, to be just shy of the word "Insulter." That term can only be a nuisance for our: Corporate Governance, Finances, and Intellectual Property that may include trademarks, copyrights, and patents. 

Our Digital Lineup

Summary: Our charter websites are InsultAConservative.com and InsultALiberal.com. They are ad-free, anonymous, and interactive sites. They practice what our tag line preaches:

Safest Spaces for Political Ridicule & Comment.

The sites allow self-nicknamed Members vent clever political feelings, minus the privacy invasion and conflict risk of ad-supported, open access social media websites. 

Bargain Membership fees, ranging from $1.29/month to $12.50/year enable site enjoyment without the hassle of: troll interference, bullying, and annoying advertising messages.

Please Note: Insultor LLC will donate a portion of Membership fees toward selected respected, non-political 501(c)(3) charities and philanthropies (not us!). Donation recipients will be named just soon as our websites are generating a flow of member dues. 

The websites' Member-Generated Content is inspired by Famously Funny Publications: MAD, National Lampoon, and The Onion. Less influential are Popular Mechanics and Vogue.

Our two charter websites have proprietary structures that help Members to post insults and comments regularly, yet within a limit of how many per day per "insultee." We also display individual and aggregate insult counts per week and per month for media distribution and for Member information.